Discover Scuba Diving

Try scuba diving and experience the thrill of taking your first breaths below the surface without doing the full certification! This course is a fun way for you to know if you want to pursue your experience and take the full course.

First, you learn some basic fundamentals in a pool, then you are off to the boat with your  instructor for a very exciting ocean dive where you will discover a whole new world. You will be amazed by our rich tropical marine life.  We will also take you snorkeling afterward.

This is also a great activity the entire family can enjoy!

All it takes is about an hour and a half in the swimming pool with the lesson.  Discover Scuba Dive is $45 per person plus the dive tour.


Did you know, if you enjoyed your experience and want to become fully certified, we will credit one dive towards your Open Water Diver Course. Contact us for more information

Caño Island Biological Reserve

This world famous marine sanctuary is home to over a hundred different marine species. Cano is known for its pelagic fish where white tip reef sharks, schools of devil rays and sea turtles can be seen on most dives. You will see on almost all dives large schools of fish, sometimes so large they block the sun. If you are lucky, you can spot giant bull sharks or whale sharks.

Visibility often reaches nearly 60 feet . The topography varies greatly from site to site giving each its own unique beauty. You can dive along ledges and peak into a shallow cave where sharks come to rest; drift where the currents are a little stronger and wind your way a swim through where large schools of fish usually await you.

You can see eels, Moorish idols, barracuda, puffer fish, rays, angel fish, sea turtles, sea stars, nudibranchs as well as schools of snapper and jacks and more. There is a variety of corals, some endemic to the Pacific coast of Central America.

Caño is a lush tropical island and a historic site. The pristine beach is ideal for a walk, soaking up the sun or taking a nap under the trees.

We offer 2 tank and 3 tank (private charters) excursions

Depth: 20-130 feet
Level: all levels
Departure: 7:00 a.m
Return: 2:00 p.m.

Marino Ballena National Park

Our marine environment is simply amazing. You will see lava rock formations with sea fans, hard corals and encrusting sponges. Volcanic activity formed our underwater realm giving each site its own distinct topography and making every dive a unique experience. The number of species of fishes that inhabit our coast is impressive. You will see octopus, damselfish, sea stars, jacks, grunts, angel fish, moorish idols, parrot fish and much, much more.

The entire coast is dotted with numerous sites and those located in and around Marino Ballena National Park are particularly rich. Visibility is more often than not around 50-60 feet depending on the season.

Depth: 20-60 feet
Level: All levels
Departure: 8:00 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.
Return: 12:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m.